Why You Should Use a Tyre Size Calculator

tyre size calculator

There may be many reasons why someone might be interested in changing their tyre size. For those who have little understanding about the elements of car performance and its connection to the tyres, this may seem strange. You buy a car and the manufacturer recommends a certain tyre size they say is best for the car. Why would anyone want to change it?

However, there are many reasons why you might want to consider changing your tyre size. One of the most common reasons to change the size is convenience. Maybe the recommended tyre is hard to find or is very expensive. Others may want a new size to enhance the appearance of their vehicle and others may want to change the way the car performs. Whatever your reason for wanting to resize the tyres on your car, it is essential that you understand that there is a certain amount of tyre size math involved.

If you are considering making a tyre size change, it is crucial that you follow the mathematical guidelines closely. Mistakes could open the door to a world of problems and issues that could affect both the performance of your car as well as your safety. For this reason, may people choose to use a tyre size calculator to reduce the risk of mistakes.


The Purpose of a Tyre Size Calculator

tyre size

When you change your tyre size, there are several different measurements that need to be taken into consideration. Even changing one of these elements could have an impact on how the car performs so imagine the potential that could come if you change all three elements of tyre size.

The fact is, that calculating these variables can be difficult for some. Add to that the challenge of converting measurements. In places like Australia for example, the metric system is used whereas in the United States they use inches. Then there are ratio values that must be determined as well. Using a tyre size calculator is one of the easiest ways to avoid making mistakes.

Once you use the calculator, you’ll realize just how much simpler resizing your tyres could be. Not only will they help you to determine all possible tyres that are comparable in performance to the tyres you already have but they’ll also give you a comparison profile of different tyres so you can see exactly how the changes will affect your car’s performance.


What You Need to Know

When you are ready to change the size of your tyres, there are three different measurements you need to consider: the width, height, and the diameter of the rim. With these figures, the tyre size calculator will be able to provide you a list of possible replacements. The first list will compile for you a collection of tyres that are within 2% of your existing tyre. If you would prefer a wider range you can increase or decrease the percentage ratio for additional options.


Problems When the Tyre is the Wrong Size

To the novice, changing the tyre size may not seem like a big deal however there are some definite problems you can occur if you choose a replacement that is either too large or too small.

If the tyre is too big, your car’s distance traveled may not match the reading on your speedometer. You will be traveling further which each turn of the wheel than the speedometer is set for. In addition, your car will perform as if it has lost some of its power in certain situations.

There are also issues that could develop if the tyre is too small. First, you will begin to use more fuel than you did before, and your speedometer will show you moving faster than you really are.

Other issues can develop if the tyre is too wide, which could lead to rubbing against the body of the car among other things.

So, whatever your reason for resizing your car’s tyres, it’s important that you calculate for the new size carefully. The best way to do that is by using a tyre size calculator. Not only will you determine the best replacement size for your vehicle but it will also recommend a number of tyres that are suitable for your car. It will take much of the risk out of resizing your tyres so your car will continue to perform as it should.


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