New NHRA Oildown Policy Dedicated to Fans


As an initiative to improve the fans’ racing experience, National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) announced they’ve come up with an approach to minimize the downtime during racing. According to a recent poll done by the association, fans showed negative feedback and are often disappointed by the number of downtime they experience while watching the NHRA Full Throttle Drag Racing Series events. The excessive downtimes are often caused by oildowns and track preparations which greatly displease the viewing audience.

As a way of giving back to their loyal fans and viewers, NHRA released funds for additional trackside cleanup equipment and came up with a new oildown policy which penalizes and fines racers across all classes if they go beyond the oildown credit. This new policy has received both positive and negative reactions from fans and racers alike. Racers protested and expressed dislike and rage over the new policy, apparently since their fines would range from $250 to $1,000, not to mention they’ll lose a lot of points as well for every oildown. Other racers though think the new policy is only fair since it would challenge them more and would push them into regularly maintaining their racing cars to avoid oil spills. Meanwhile, fans are delighted to know about the new policy. It would be a huge improvement to their racing experience since the oildowns and cleanups take their attention away from the race most of the time.


NHRA only did what it had to do. Racers should be responsible enough to double check their racing cars before competitions and events. That way, oil spills won’t be a problem and everyone would be able to focus on the race itself and not on the numerous oildown cleanups.