New KTM Duds Released

KTM Racing released a bunch of racing jackets, helmets, accessories, and other racing duds–a product line dubbed as the “KTM Powerwear 2009.” The catalog includes to-die-for accessories that will make any amateur driver look and feel like a pro. Some of the Powerwear products include the HJC Racing Helmet and the Thor Force knee guard.

The HJC Racing helmet is, according to the catalog, gives better ventilation, more lightweight, and has improved visibility. It can also remove moisture from the skin, so the racer can be a lot more comfortable while zooming around the track. The Thor Force knee guard, on the other hand, which are more anatomically correct than conventional knee guards. This reduces chafing and is more comfortable to use.



There are plenty of other nifty goodies in the Powerwear line. Check out the rest of their items here.