Motorsport Camp–Weekend Sampler

Maybe you’re not too keen on sending your kid to a place you haven’t seen first, or perhaps he/she isn’t ready to be away from home for a long time–or both. But chin up! You both can enroll in the camp’s adult/child Weekend Sampler program. This camp format is not too long that your kid would get homesick, but not too short that the visit is useless–definitely the perfect way to introduce an amateur racer’s love for driving to his child.

In this program you can get a taste of what life is like in camp–you can participate in driving and camp activities (driving lessons, swimming, fishing, etc.) There are highly enjoyable evening activities too, like scavenger hunts and a giant slick-track-slip-n-slide. And is a camp experience complete without the traditional campfire (with smores of, of course!)? Of course not! So it’s great that you will also get to experience that in a Weekend Sampler program.



Wondering what other activities are in store for your child in this super fun racing camp? That is what Zoomer Daily will discuss in the next post. Till then, start psyching up your child for a Motorsport Camp Weekend Sampler!