Motorsport Camp—Training Young Champs

As soon as your kids are old enough to sit in and operate a vehicle alone, there’s a really cool summer camp you can send them to for a week or two: Camp Motorsport.

In this camp, they will be exposed to the world of competitive driving through several programs. There are several programs available for kids from 9-16 years old. Each program is formatted to cater to the kids’ varying abilities.


For example, The Short Track Try-It program is designed for first-time campers, and for kids (ages 8-11) who might not be ready to be away from home for a full week. Girls and boys enrolled in this program experience the same daily programs and driving activities, but shorter: just 3 (instead of 7) days. Groups are kept small to ensure lots of individualized attention for every kid, and to help younger kids adjust to being in a sleep-away camp.

Girls who feel self-conscious racing with other boys have the option for an all-girls program: Racing Girl Power. Girls from ages 9-16 attending one-week sessions can choose this option if they aren’t comfortable learning to drive with a lot of boys around. Daily recreational activities are still co-ed, but kids enrolled in this program are placed in girls-only teams for driving lessons and activities. However, girls can also register for the regular, co-ed programs if they wish.


For teen campers who are serious about racing can sign up for the Advanced Driver Development Program. Teens enrolled in this course will get leadership trainings, in-depth exploration of a possible motorsports career, and most importantly, advanced driving lessons. These lessons put a strong emphasis on defensive driving—something that is valuable for teens preparing to get their learner’s licenses.

Is there a more perfect way to start your kids’ love for driving than to let them experience the thrill of racing themselves? This camp is the perfect way to show your kids exactly why you are into cars so much.


Not sure about the programs and you want to see how the camp works for yourself? In tomorrow’s post, you can learn the details of the camp’s Adult/Child Sampler Weekends. Stay tuned!