Motorsport Camp—Rally Off-Road Dirt Karts

The mini-cup cars, we admit, is ten kinds of awesome. Using those, your kid can drive an actual working vehicle that looks exactly like NASCAR race cars—like a real amateur racer! How cool is that?? But if he (or you) prefers a more rugged and exciting vehicle, or maybe he just wants to try out other kinds of driving applications, he can also drive one of the camp’s rally off-road dirt tracks. Your child will drive these babies through real off-road terrains in the camp, and he can experience an excitement from a different kind of driving entirely. With these karts, he’ll realize that the fun of racing is not confined to a NASCAR car and a flat, oval track.

Don’t worry, though. These karts have the same top-class security features that the mini-cup cars use, and will drive with a staff member. If he displays appropriate skill, he can progress to driving the kart on his own.


Check out the rally off-road kart’s full specs:
ENGINE: 150 cc 4 stroke motorcycle type engine (based on the Honda GYG engine design), single cylinder, electric start
DRIVE: Rear, 2-wheel
TRANSMISSION: Full automatic CVT transmission, forward & reverse
BODY: Heavy duty steel welded frame, brush guard, roll cage, fenders
DIMENSIONS: 54” wide, 87” long, 56” tall, weight 415, 6.7” ground clearance
SUSPENSION: Front: duel A-arm, hydraulic coil spring shocks on both sides. Rear: swing arm, hydraulic coil spring shocks on both sides.
STEERING: Rack & pinion steering, adjustable steering column
WHEELS & TIRES: Aggressive ATV-type tires, polished steel, front tires
19 x 7-8, rear tires 22 x 10-10
BRAKES: Hydraulic disk brakes in front & rear
SEATS: Adjustable padded seats
SAFETY: 5-point safety harness, tubular roll cage


You might be thinking right now that being a kid your self can’t be any cooler with these vehicles. But yes, it can still get cooler, as you will find out when you read our next post: Motorsport Camp’s Vexton Mark 1 ride cars.