Motorsport Camp—Mini Cup Cars

Of course, even the most daredevil amateur racer parent would never risk sending his kid off to a racing camp when he isn’t sure of his/her safety. Definitely you want your child to learn to drive, but you don’t want him/her to get hurt before he/she even steps foot in a real race track. Naturally, you want to know whether the cars that are used in camp are safe enough for your future racing champ. So here’s what you folks need to know about the vehicles that would be used by your camper, in which they will spend most of their time in Motorsport Camp.


First up, the MINI-CUP CAR:


Mini-cup cars are built just like NASCAR cup cars, only smaller—just the right size for kids and teens. It has features that will help your kids learn about the fundamentals of a race car’s chassis setup. And of course, this car has excellent safety highlights, like a steel roll cage, a 5-point harness system, a fuel cell, and window netting. Definitely, your young ‘un can drive this by himself without risking a broken neck.


Here a list of the mini-cup cars’ full specs:
ENGINE: 13 horsepower Honda GX 390 4 stroke, OHV single cylinder, air cooled, electric start
GEARS: Split
DRIVE: Rear wheel
TRANSMISSION: Dry centrifugal clutch, chain drive
BODY: Hand layered fiberglass, Lexan windshield, gelcoat
BODY STYLES: Monte Carlo, Taurus, Grand Prix, Intrepid
DIMENSIONS: 60” wheelbase, 45”w, 110” l, 32” h, weight 410 pounds
CHASSIS: 1 1/8” X .085 steel tubing, MIG welded, upper & lower control arms, caster, camber & toe adjustments, moveable pedals
STEERING: Rack & pinion steering, adjustable coil over shocks, fully adjustable rear suspension, quick release steering wheel
WHEELS & TIRES: 8 X 6.5 polished aluminum 4 bolt wheels, 15 x 7 x 8’s racing slicks
BRAKES: Duel caliper disc brakes
SEATS: Adjustable Kirkey seats, child & adult sizes
SAFETY: 5-point safety harness, window net, steel tubular roll cage, fuel cell


These cars are pretty cool, no doubt. But these are not the only cars that your young racer can drive. In the next post, you’ll learn about another type of vehicle that Motorsport Camp that your kid can enjoy—rally off-road dirt karts.