Motorsport Camp–Fun Activities!

If you do decide to enroll your son or daughter in any of the camp’s programs, then he/she is surely in for a very enjoyable learning experience! Take a look at what’s in store for your kid:

Every camper gets to enjoy quality time behind the wheel everyday! They can drive both the mini-cup cars and the rally off-road rally karts during the week. Daily driving times for each team are rotated. This ensures that everyone gets to experience driving at different times of the day, and that they can participate in other camp activities.


There are other racing-related activities that your child can enjoy when he/she is not driving, like racing-technology-based environmental education, wind tunnel & aerodynamics, exploring careers in the racing industry, driver health & wellness driving racing simulator, and many more! So rest assured, every minute of your child in camp is well-spent, even when they aren’t on the track!

Campers also get to have some non-driving fun by participating in team-building activities. These activities include fishing, swimming, and earning team points for the much-coveted Motorsport Camp Cup. There are also plenty of evening driving activities to participate in!


No need to delay enrolling your child now that you know how much fun he would have while learning about driving and racing. But perhaps you’re a wee bit concerned about your kid’s safety. That’s what we’ll tackle in the next post–the cars that the campers use.