Joe Bromley: From Board Member to Director of Racing


Joe Bromley, a member of AMA (American Motorcyclists Association) Board of Directors, resigned from his post—but not to quit the organization. He gave up his place to accept a new position: Director of Racing. The non-profit organization made it official and announced it from their website last January 5.

Rob Dingman, AMA President and CEO, said: “As the largest motorsports sanctioning body in the world, AMA has a responsibility to maintain a world-class amateur racing program. Joe Bromley will provide hands-on leadership and help the Association achieve that goal.”


AMA was founded on 1924, and has since been dedicated to promoting and protecting the rights of every bike-rider, all of whom, as the organization’s vision says, are aiming for one thing, which is “freedom on two wheels.” AMA, with 300,000 members, is the largest motorcycling organization in the world. It oversees up to 80 professional, and more than 40,000 amateur racing events every year. AMA also maintains the Motorcycle Hall of Fame Museum, where the milestones and history of motorcycling are documented and preserved for future bikers.

Seems like AMA is in good hands. Bromley has been a member of AMA for almost 30 years. Growing up, he was immersed in the automotive life very early in his life—his family owned a motorcycle dealership. It is then no surprise that Bromley won his first race when he was just six years old, young enough to be considered a toddler. Bromley is a very active racer and has won 21 amateur AMA National Dirt Track Championships in his amateur career. But he is not just a participant. Bromley is also involved in the organizational aspects of the bike racing world: he was the president of AMA District 6 for more than a decade, and was also a president of the Road Winders Motorcycle Club—which sanctioned one of the first motocross events in the Northeast.


“Leaving the Board and its responsibilities was not an easy decision to make, but I believe that the AMA is on the right track, has its priorities in order and that I have something to contribute to the day-to-day management of the Association,” Bromley said. “I am very proud of the fact that during the course of my relatively short tenure on the Board, we have made a renewed commitment to amateur racing, which is something that is near and dear to me. The path has been set and I am excited about the opportunity to implement the strategic direction that I helped craft.”

Bromley, as AMA’s Director of Racing, will oversee the routines and operations of AMA Racing. Seeing that the world’s largest motorcycling organization is in the hands of someone who truly understands and loves motorcycles and racing, enthusiasts, both pro and amateur, can rest assured that they can continue zooming and racing on their bikes. And of course, exercising their right to two-wheeled freedom.