Daytona Bike Week: Motus MST Unveiled

Motus MST

The recent Daytona Beach Bike Week in Florida offered more than racing, parties and other street festivities for motorcycle lovers. The event also paved the way for the launch of a new motorcycle, one that would surely become a staple in motorcycle races and in a motorist’s garage.

Motus Motorcycles, a premiere American motorcycle maker, unveiled the MST, its newest sport-touring bike powered with V-4 engine. The concept was first revealed earlier this month at New Hudson, Michigan, headquarters of Pratt & Miller, the engineering partner of Motus. The final production made its public debut last week at the annual Daytona Bike Week, stunning thousands of motorists and fans who attended the yearly event.

The MST has been dubbed as the “first American-built V-4” with the help of KMV4, a Michigan-based firm known for developing V-8 powerhouses. Chopping the V-8 technology in half, KMV4 came up with the V-4 engine which they installed into the MST. Aside from that, the motorcycle is equipped with a gasoline direct injection (GDI) technology. Instead of injecting fuel into the intake ports, the GDI technology allows fuel to be injected directly into the combustion chamber. Motus reports 10 percent power increase and a 25 percent decrease in emissions with the use of GDI.

Solidifying its sport bike image, the MST can produce 161 horsepower at 7800 rpm. Its six-speed Pratt & Miller-designed transmission increases the bike’s power, matched with dual 320 mm rotors for an efficient brake system.

Pratt & Miller also designed the chassis and bodywork, making the MST a powerful steel bike with a rather intimidating exterior.

Bike builders are planning to take the MST out for further road tests later this year.