BMW Offers Women-Only Test Rides

Step out, fellas, it’s the ladies’ time to shine! As we speak, the “For Women Only” motorbike test-ride event with BMW Motorrad Canada is going on Vancouver.

BMW is going to offer test ride sessions with their new bikes–females only!–at three locations across Canada. It starts today in Vancouver.


So if you lady riders out there missed this, you still have time for the next two For Women Only test ride sessions! The next BMW test ride program will be held on May 16 in Toronto, (please email Liz Jansen and on June 20 in Montreal (contact Stephanie Chagnon

The event aims to let women experience the bikes and the line of clothing, both of which can be adjusted to fit women properly, BMW says.


But go getting jealous, fellas. On Sunday, the Greater Vancouver Motorcycle Club will hold its third annual Spring Fun Ride and Social, and anyone is invited! Visit the GVMC website for info and sign-up.