2010 Might Still End Up Happy After All for Some Automakers

Despite the worsening recession three automakers namely: Hyundai, Subaru and Kia, from among those operating in the US, were able to obtain a steady increase in sales from January to November this year. As for the rest of the industry they are still struggling to get a foothold.

Sales Increase in November


It can be noted that there was a recorded 17% increase in the sales of cars and trucks last month giving automakers such as GM, Ford and Toyota high hopes that somehow the 2010 won’t end so bad for them. The sales of light vehicles similarly rose to 873,407 units for November. The overall industry sales of 10.45 million through November have topped the 2009 sales result of 10.43 million. According to analysts the increase in sales was due to the introduction of new or redesigned models plus the various Thanksgiving holiday offerings offered by different manufacturers and dealers. “We’re starting to feel better about how the market is going,” according to analyst Jessica Caldwell of Edmunds.com.